《The House of Wolves》[The House of Wolves] - The Chariot(2)

ampant, murders were frequent, thieving was abundant. It was miserable.

But Alder knew none of this…he was young, only ten years old, and had gotten the privilege of being sheltered his entire life by his big sister Aurelia. In his eyes, him wearing contacts was all part of an elaborate game his sister constructed, one which had been going on for years now.

She wasn here now, she had gone to buy fish and vegetables and bread from the market with what little money she had. She had warned Alder not to leave their little makeshift home until she came back as she did every day…but Alder was an excitable child.

Upon seeing people pouring out of their houses, he had felt compelled to follow them and as such had found his way here. And before him now was the prettiest sight he had ever seen. Jewels and metals he had never even heard of, beasts he had only heard tales of, people dressed so royally his brain couldn even comprehend it.

The sight was like an overload of information into Alders young brain, one which had never known anything beyond the life he had lived for eight long years. One where his sisters meals were the highest quality of cuisine, and the bed and pillow he slept in were considered lavish.

He had heard stories of knights and heroes, legends and myths of all kind. He had heard tales of pirates who roamed the seas, stealing riches, people and even lands from kingdoms across the world. Stories of powerful adventurers who had explored new frontiers and slayed beasts of unimaginable proportions.

Aurelia was a wonderful storyteller, and Alder looked forward to hearing her words every night. But he had never actually conceptualized these stories as something tangible. Hed always longed for them but never considered the idea that something grander than that which constituted his everyday life appearing right before his eyes.

Seeing it now awakened something within him. That…was jealousy. It was a feeling he had never experienced before, but now that it had emerged it was like a cancer which bubbled within him. But at the same time, another, more innocent emotion ran free. Curiosity, for as to what was going on.

The two formed a deadly combination. What ifs began to fester within Alders heart. Questions, forlorn possibilities, even a little bit of distrust towards his sister from hiding the actual existence of such a thing as this chariot from Alder. Of course, what he was seeing was not a vicious dragon or a silky haired king…but it was something beyond the bubble Alder knew as the world. Aurelia had made sure to tell to him constantly that she was telling him mere stories, with a firm tone of voice. But what if…she was lying? What if such things actually existed. What if there was a deeper reason that Alder wore contacts.

As the chariot passed…these questions burned within Alders heart like a thunderstorm. No one else noticed, they were far too enamored by the scene before them. But for Alders tiny, fragile little mind, his worldview would never be the same.

And this was just the beginning of much bigger things to come….